T-Shirt Design Contest

UPDATE: October 8, 2020: Design contest has concluded and winners have been selected. Please stay tuned for our final shirts for purchase in conjunction with IMGC 2021

The State Extension Master Gardener (EMG) Office is holding a design contest for prints that will go on t-shirts, tote bags, and other such merchandise that will be sold at the International Master Gardener Conference (IMGC). Merchandise sales will provide valuable revenue for our conference and the Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Program.

To help highlight our beautiful and diverse state during the conference, we are looking for designs that specifically showcase species that are native to Virginia. Designs do not need to be limited to plants, but could also highlight native fauna of Virginia. Please see the end of this document for links to lists of Virginia native species.

The following criteria will be used to judge submissions: 

  • Theme: Design must fall within the parameters of the “Virginia native species” theme.
  • Originality: Design should be creative and original.
  • Visibility: Design should be eye catching and easy to see and understand from a distance.
  • Completeness: Design is ready to reproduce without any touch-ups or changes. Design should only include the flora/fauna being highlighted, not a full landscape.
  • Feasibility: Design must be reasonable to reproduce on a t-shirt, tote bag, etc.

Submission guidelines:

  • To be eligible to submit a design, you must be a certified Extension Master Gardener, EMG Intern, EMG Emeritus, EMG Coordinator, or Extension Agent with Virginia Cooperative Extension.
  • Designs must be submitted by Monday, September 7, 2020 SUBMISSIONS NOW CLOSED!
  • Each contestant may submit up to three designs. They must be submitted as separate entries.
  • Artwork can be color OR line drawing.
    • Line drawings will be considered for printing on tee shirts, tote bags, or other merchandise.
    • Color artwork will be considered for printing on stickers, and for printing on tee shirts, tote bags, or other merchandise. Color artwork selected for printing on tee shirts will need to be adapted by the state office so that it is suitable for printing in ONE color as a line drawing; as you prepare color artwork, please consider that it will need to be adapted. If your color artwork is too abstract or subtle, it may not be suitable for us to adapt for one-color printing.
  • Please consider what kinds of plants will look good on a tee shirt AND what kinds of plants people actually want to wear on a tee shirt.
  • We will accept submissions of digital artwork.

To submit:

    • Please take a clear, good photograph of your artwork, OR scan it.
    • Acceptable submission file types: .jpeg .jpg .ppt .png .ai .eps
  • Designs submitted after the deadline (Monday, September 7, 2020 at midnight) will automatically be excluded from judging.

Judging and Voting: Judges will narrow down submissions to a minimum of five designs. Once finalists are chosen, the contest will open for online voting to choose the winners. Voting will take place from noon on Monday, Sept. 14 to noon on Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020. Winners will be notified by email by 5pm on Friday, Sept. 18.

If your artwork is selected, you will need to:

  • Provide a high resolution (300 dpi) scan of your artwork.
  • Be able to provide versions of your artwork with small modifications if requested.

Prize: Design contest winners will receive a $100 discount on IMGC registration and one item that has their design printed on it. Each winner will also be recognized on the IMGC website, IMGC social media, and in the IMGC printed program. 

Ownership: By entering this contest, you give the Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardener (EMG) Program exclusive rights to reproduce your design. The EMG Program maintains the right to collect proceeds from the sale of any merchandise using the submitted design, without compensation due to contestants. Designs will be credited to the artists in all promotions relevant to the artwork.


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