Friday focused on the future of gardening

Our 2021 International Master Gardener Conference theme is “cultivate our legacy,” and we will focus on this theme–and the enormous positive impact gardening can have for our future–on Friday, September 17.

This day will kick off with optional interactive small group sessions where Master Gardeners from across the nation will have the chance to speak with one another about the impact gardening could have in communities and on the environment and to participate in exercises imagining and predicting the way people will garden in the future.

We will then feature a special lineup of future-focused concurrent sessions, including “Climate Change and You” and “Beauty, Integrity, and Resilience”, along with Dennis Dimick’s keynote “Living in the Human Age.”

Coachella Valley California 2014 by Dennis Dimick

About Friday’s keynote, “Living in the Human Age”: “A narrated visual journey through our modern world of 7.5 billion people that considers our expanding footprint, rising prosperity, and resulting environmental challenges calling for our attention and response. Based on his many years as a picture editor and environment editor for National Geographic magazine, Dennis Dimick presents a fast-moving, vivid slide show lecture that explores and explains the modern human era: how we got here, our current prosperity, and what looms on the road ahead. Dimick frames his visual discussion using an emergent idea called the Anthropocene, or Human Age, a new geologic era proposed by scientists that marks our trajectory and enduring impact on the planet as population rises, and demand for energy and food increases. He addresses accumulating environmental impacts such as pollution and climatic shifts, and how we might productively respond. His goal is to help us appreciate our place in nature and contemplate how we can contribute towards a more balanced future for ourselves and the planet.”

The day will conclude with our IMGC closing session and a highlight of IMGC 2023 from host state Kansas.

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