We’re going virtual! Letter from Kathleen Reed, Virginia EMG State Coordinator

After much deliberation over the past few months, we have made the difficult decision that the 2021 International Master Gardener Conference will be a virtual event. We conferred with others in weighing our options and concluded this was our only feasible option with all things considered. We understand that this likely will be disappointing to many of you.

Though a virtual conference was not our original plan, we are excited for this new opportunity to bring our speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities to even more Master Gardeners at a greatly-reduced cost from attending the in-person event.

Based on our experience planning and executing an extremely successful virtual state conference in June, we believe we can create a virtual event that will be truly unique. We are hard at work planning opportunities for the networking and socializing usually absent from virtual events, and we have some exciting ideas for other sessions that take advantage of our online format. The transition to virtual also allows us the chance to feature speakers for whom travel to the in-person event would not have been practical.

All sessions to be recorded and available for viewing later, which means you will have the opportunity to go back and view every session, rather than having to choose among our concurrent sessions.

We anticipate releasing our full schedule of sessions in March 2021. 

We know you might have questions about our switch to digital, and I want to take the opportunity to address a few here:

  • Keynote and concurrent sessions will be recorded and available for viewing later. The session recording library will only be available to those registered.
  • In order to prevent webinar fatigue, each day will only feature a few hours of virtual sessions (instead of filling the entire day, as with our in person event)
  • There will be opportunities for socializing and networking with Master Gardeners from around the country and further abroad
  • Registration cost will be substantially lower than the cost of attending the in person event
  • Full schedule will be released in March 2021 and registration will open April 5, 2021.
  • Registration will be first-come-first-served and capped at 2,500. Workshops offered during IMGC will have lower capacity limits.

Thank you all for your support of our conference! Now that we have officially made the switch to virtual, expect to see more regular updates from us! If you do not receive IMGC emails, please subscribe here.

We hope you’ll join us next September!

Kathleen Reed and the Virginia EMG program

11 thoughts on “We’re going virtual! Letter from Kathleen Reed, Virginia EMG State Coordinator”

  1. Taffy Turner, Maryland master gardener

    While I will miss the in-person conference terribly (this will be the 6th IMGC for me), I understand your decision and look forward to attending the IMGC in it’s new form next September.

  2. Cynthia Falconer, Loudoun County Master Gardener
    It was the right decision and virtual allows for a greater number of folks to participate from around the US and overseas!!!

  3. I was really looking forward to the IMGC in person next year( would be my first one), but you gotta do what you gotta do to keep everyone safe. I get it, but I will still ‘attend”.

  4. It’s exciting for me as I probably could not attend in person. I am a MG in training and look forward to learning much more about gardening.

  5. This is entirely appropriate and sure to be a success! (I have great memories of the West Virginia IMG conference.) Meanwhile, on January 10, the Toronto Master Gardeners are opening our annual technical update to the public, also virtually. We are happy to welcome our colleagues across the United States and Canada. All the info can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/TorontoMasterGardeners/photos/a.480758831972524/3616871948361181
    Hope to “see” you at the conference!

  6. Wow … nearly impossible to contact you folks. I need to cancel my registration – will be out of the country. How can I do that

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