Workshop Spotlight: Botanical Illustration w/ graphite pencil and watercolors

flowers being painted

Have you ever wondered how botanical artists create stunningly realistic paintings of flowers, branches, seeds, or fruits? Now is your chance to wet your feet in the world of botanical illustration and produce your own botanical artwork!

In this hands-on workshop, learn the basics of botanical illustration with artist Heeyoung Kim of the Heeyoung Bontanical Art Academy. Learn how to best connect your love of art with your love of the outdoors!

Heeyoung Kim, known as ‘Wildflower Painter’, paints and documents native plants in watercolor, graphite pencil, and ink in a traditional/scientific way, yet with a touch of modern edge with her keen sense of composition and mastery of the media she uses.

View more of Heeyoung Kim’s work on her website!

Her watercolors and graphite pencil drawings have received 4 awards from New York International HSNY/ASBA including Best of Show (2012), RHS Gold Medal (2012), and her 3 watercolors are included in Prince of Wales’s Transylvania Florilegium. She exhibited her ink illustrations at Margaret Flockton Award (2010, 2013), and 2 works in watercolor and ink at Hunt 13th International (2010). She has mounted five solo exhibitions and exhibited in numerous international juried group exhibitions. 

This IMGC session will run approximately two hours and includes learning and practicing illustration with graphite pencil and watercolor. A art kit will be provided, including paper, pencils, and paint supplies. 

This workshop has a participant cap of 25 and an additional cost of $40

4 thoughts on “Workshop Spotlight: Botanical Illustration w/ graphite pencil and watercolors”

  1. I would love to register for this session! So I want to be sure I have the process right. First we register for the conference and then once that registration is acknowledged we register for individual sessions? I am havein a hard time reading the program details because the font is very small and often light gray. So my question is do we register first for the conference and then individual sessions? or do we do both simultaneously?

    1. Hi Judith, you will register for the conference, and if you want to attend a workshop you will choose that during the registration process, but you do not need to register for any other sessions in advance. Once you register, you can go into the EventMobi app and choose whichever sessions you want to attend!

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