Workshop Spotlight: A Closer Look: Bug and Botanical Portrait Photography – Danae Wolfe

bee closeup

Join accomplished nature photographer Danae Wolfe for a session on shooting bug and botanical subjects up close! You can view some of Wolfe’s amazing work here:

“Contrary to popular belief, garden photography need not be expensive and need not require highly technical equipment or skills. With just a few simple tools and some practice, garden photography can be an accessible and fun way to show the world the beautiful details of your garden and garden visitors. In this hands-on workshop, award-winning photographer Danae Wolfe will teach the basics of garden photography including tools, techniques, and tricks for capturing great bug and botanical portraits in the garden.”

You can register NOW for IMGC 2021, click here!

A macro style photo of a flower

In this workshop you’ll learn hands-on techniques for capturing amazing photos of your garden–without needing to spend thousands of dollars for camera equipment or advanced photography training!

Danae Wolfe is a digital engagement specialist, photographer, and conservation storyteller. She has over 10 years’ experience designing and facilitating learning opportunities that span horticulture, digital engagement, and her personal passion of photography. In 2018, she was invited to speak at TEDxColumbus on the power of photography in fostering appreciation and conservation of insects and spiders and her talk has since been featured on Her recent film, Chasing Bugs, explores the importance of insect conversation through interviews with world renowned entomologists.

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