Virtual Tours: Explore Virginia!

screen shot of virutal tour platform with text that reads IMGC 2021: Virtual Tours Interactive and video virtual "tours" of different Virginia points of interest.

Just because IMGC 2021 is online doesn’t mean you won’t have the opportunity to explore our state!

We have assembled a dynamic group of virtual “tours” using ArcGIS–professional mapping software–that lets users take an interactive dive into the map of Virginia. During the conference, our tour system will go live and you will be able to explore our virtual tours at your leisure.

Virginia has a number of important historic sites, including the homes and gardens of many Founding Fathers. In the western half of our state, you can find scenic tourism trails highlighting local music and arts, and the famous Blue Ridge Parkway.

Thomas Jefferson’s home Monticello is located in Virginia

Virginia is also on the front lines of battling climate change. Tangier Island in the Chesapeake Bay could produce some of the climate refugees from rising sea levels in the US, is located in Virginia. Norfolk, our original location for IMGC, is also engineering new ways to deal with sea level rise and sunny day flooding.

A team of Virginia Master Gardeners is hard at work developing tours to showcase these sites–and more–with our IMGC attendees!

Explore Virginia’s scenic locations with our virtual tour system

Registered attendees will have access to our virtual tour system and will be free to explore tours throughout the conference, and for six months afterwards.

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