Sponsor IMGC 2021

The International Master Gardener  Conference (IMGC) is held every two years and provides an opportunity for thousands of Extension Master Gardeners and Extension Specialists to come together and learn while also convening committee meetings and exchanging ideas and concerns. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, IMGC 2021 will be held virtually September 12-17, 2021. We previously hosted an online conference of comparable scale with great success, and anticipate that our online event will attract 2,000 Master Gardeners from across the United States, with a small amount of international attendance.

Our online format offers unique opportunities to encourage engagement with sponsor brands, including visibility in our online conference platform, video display, and acknowledgement during our sessions.

Our conference theme is “cultivate our legacy,” and we will feature a selection of speakers and special events focused on the future of gardening. These include a panel focused on global climate change and presenters who will address how gardeners can make a difference in their own backyards and communities. 

Master Gardeners educate the public making millions of direct contacts each year.

There are more than 86,076 active Master Gardeners in 49 states 

Who make 8.6 million direct interactions with the gardening public each year 

And are regular consumers of lawn & garden products themselves. 

Image: Sponsorship benefit chart


Based on attendance at past IMGC events and our own annual conference, we anticipate:

  • 2000 Extension Master Gardeners
  • Members of the gardening public
  • Attendees from across the US, Canada, and South Korea


Extension Master Gardeners are specially trained volunteers who serve alongside their local Extension office to provide education on environmental horticulture and sustainable gardening practices. They work on volunteer projects like farm-to-school programs, community gardens, or horticulture therapy, and they organize educational events like gardening symposiums, seed swaps, and horticultural workshops.

Extension Master Gardeners provide education related to home horticulture, turf, wildlife gardening, indoor plants, and more. Extension Master Gardeners are active in 49 states, with equivalent organizations in Canada and South Korea.

Connect with a group of influential educators.